I’m collaborating with two UK charities to limit the
environmental impact of my business, and upcoming tour dates.

Julie’s Bicycle

A London-based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. They’ve been a sounding board on all things related to sustainability, helping me and my promoters do the following:

  • Recycling paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium and steel 
  • Buying local, seasonal and organic food in minimal packaging
  • Only asking for what we need, not what we want
  • Composting or donating any unused food
  • Avoiding polystyrene cups
  • Using refillable water bottles and recycling plastic ones


Travel is typically the largest source of emissions from live events and I work with the charity ecolibrium to tackle my impacts. I record my travel miles and the associated carbon emissions, reducing these emissions wherever possible, and then donate to balance these emissions through ecolibrium’s climate solutions programme Energy Revolution, which generates clean renewable energy. In 2018, my touring carbon emissions were balanced through investment in Solar for Schools – a project that installs solar panels on school roofs across the UK, allowing them to produce low-cost clean electricity, while also educating children about the importance of a low carbon future.

Merch and Manufacturing

T-shirt with design
  • My t-shirts use 100% organic cotton and only water-based inks that are friendly to the environment and solvent-free. I work with my merchandise supplier to make sure we put the environment first wherever possible
  • I work with GZ Media  – an FSC Certified manufacturer – to produce my CDs and vinyl.  
  • My CDs use softpack packaging, so no plastic is involved
  • All LPs are made using recycled vinyl pellets and manufactured using recycled offset paper stock