Hi there. Before you send a message, read this first:

Using Novo Amor’s music
If you want to use the music for any reason at all, public or private, please click here. We’ll get back to you fairly quickly

Show Photopasses
If you’re a photographer/videographer who wants to photograph/film a Novo Amor show, please click here. We can’t take anyone on tour with us, so if you’ve emailed to ask about that, we’re sorry

Show tickets
We (management/artist) don’t have a ticket allocation, so if you’ve missed out, you could try the Novo Amor communities on Facebook, Reddit and Discord. Some countries have ethical ticket reselling sites you can try too. Please be very careful if someone is offering to sell you a ticket in the comments below a Novo Amor post on social media. Most of them are scams. You might also contact the venue; sometimes they’ll sell tickets to people walking up when doors open

Support slots
If you’re in touch to ask about supporting on a show, your message will unfortunately go unanswered. We tend to not have supports unless a promoter specifically requests it and in 90% of those cases we let the promoter suggest the artist. In the remaining 10% of cases it’s usually someone known to Novo Amor

For all other queries, please type below and we’ll get back to you soon, thanks